Hauke Steinberg Photography | About
Hi my name is Hauke Steinberg. I am an award winning Irish based photographer, originally from the north of Germany. I have studied geography, zoology ad landscape Ecology at Kiel University and Trinity College Dublin. Since 1996 I have been living and working in Ireland where I have visited and photographed almost every part of the island and worked as a tour guide for several years.

There was always SLR cameras in my parent's home and I have been photographing since I was 14 years old. But only after my university days have I really developed my passion for photography. My main interests lies in landscape and nature photography which is probably explained by my background in Geography and Zoology, and my love for the outdoors and the Irish landscape.

With my photographs I aim to create beautiful, compelling and inspiring images that capture the essence of a place and, to some degree, enable to the viewer to travel there in his or her mind.

(Hauke is pronounced as in 'HOW CA(n) you not pronounce that?')

«Hauke Steinberg's devotion to the celebration of the Irish landscape reveals the magnificence, elegance and splendor of his adopted home. His stunning landscape photographs exude a romantic and sumptuous energy, mixed with a serene calm, which can only be presented through an authentic love for the subject and a true knowledge of the art.» David Morrissey

Hauke's Photographs have been published with: The Directorate for the Environment of the European Commission, Deutsche Meteorologische Gesellschaft (German Meteorological Society), Irish Department of Agriculture, Geological Survey Ireland, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Pacific Salmon Foundation, Santa Clara Valley Water District, Smithsonian Journeys, High Country Passage Travel, Princeton Journeys, ArMen Magazin, Yoga for You, Irish Music Magazine, Science Spin - Ireland's Science Wildlife and Discovery Magazine and many others