Hauke Steinberg Photography | Calm & Meditative
Images that work for Celtic themes or Meditative, Calm Spirit environments

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Piercing LightGreen Tunnel or 'The Road to Hobbiton'Sunset at Lacken, Co.MayoHorsetail Falls, Valdez, AlaskaBridal Veil Falls, Valdez, AlaskaPoolbeg Lighthouse at SunriseSkelligs View  [Explore]Inishvickillaune, Tearaght Island and InishnabroBlasket Islands seen from Valentia after SunsetForest LightLough GillLough Gill & Innisfree - Rohrschach StyleSunset over LuggalaTalkeetna River Sunset #5BluebellsDublin Bay SunriseBeara RiverK452 - Kinvara Night SkyK479 - View from MaulinK497 - Summer Country Lane  [Explore]