Hauke Steinberg Photography | Alaska Wildlife
A collection wildlife shots from my 2008 Alaska trip. There's a few more to come as I know that I took shots of around 50 species.

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Greetings from AlaskaDoes my breath smell?Alaskan Sea Otter (cracking open a clam)Tufted Puffin with half a sand eel (aka dinner)Humpback BlowHumpback FlukeSandhill CraneBlack BearTwo Humpies & and an IcebergNo, I'm not cold!Bull Moose EncounterLong-tailed Jaeger / Long-tailed SkuaHumback vs PuffinAmerican Red SquirrelSalmon RunTufted PuffinPuffin Action Shot!Orca, Kenai FjordsLady MooseOrca, Kenai Fjords