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This is the ever-changing selection of my personal favorite shots. Some of these are also in the most interesting or explore set, but many are not since I don't really try so hard anymore to get many views and into explore. I am only starting adding images from my portfolio here. So be patient.

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Fallow Deer & MagpieGreetings from AlaskaDenaliDoes my breath smell?Lower Trail Lake, AlaskaDenali National Park, AlaskaTufted Puffin with half a sand eel (aka dinner)Humpback BlowHumpback FlukeTalkeetna River at SunsetMt. Huntington (I think)Panorama of the Don Sheldon AmphitheatrePuffin Action Shot!'The Great One' (Mount McKinley)Moose(')s ToothThe Muglins and Kish LighthouseTufted PuffinGreen Tunnel or 'The Road to Hobbiton'Sunset at Lacken, Co.MayoThe Home of Leinster Rugby