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These images have been in explore at one time or another. With some of them I am not entirely sure why and with others I don't think they should be in Explore at all... odd thing this 'interestingness'.I used to try and get pictures into explore by posting to lots of groups, getting comments from people, etc. but I mostly lost my interest in that. So, I'm not sure what this says about my images nowadays...

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Dawn at PoolbegBelt of Venus (viewed from Sugarloaf)EnclosureCraggy Island Parochial HousePlassy Shipwreck, InisheerKerry Night SkyAlpacas, Co. Clare, Ireland"com'on kiss me....."Perito Moreno Glacier, ArgentinaBlue TunnelSkellig IslandsRossbeigh & Inch Strand, Co. KerryBadia d'Alcudia SunriseEnglish StonecropDenaliDoes my breath smell?the island ... with the two tentsThe BridgePlane and Ice Fall on DenaliHumpback Whale